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Maz 5551A2 - Alteration v0.1
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Maz 5551A2 - Alteration v0.1

Opened the tailgate window doors using the SimpleIC script
Added animated turbine
Revived the fan
Corrected the camera in the cockpit as it should
Made the rearview mirrors adjustable with the mouse
Added shoes to the body

Alteration author: kulibin
The author of the envelope in fs19: Sanek DERZ
Original author: Kamazist12


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    2020-09-17 11:02
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    Кулибин, иди лучше баранов паси, моды это не твоё...
  • Name
    2020-09-17 19:38
    2 0
    Kulibin, go graze sheep better, fashion is not yours ...
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