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MB Trac 1300 - 1800 v1.3.0.0
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MB Trac 1300 - 1800 v1.3.0.0

But you can use it already Prima and he stands out strongly from the previously converted tractors.

He got a completely reworked sound from PeterAH [FBM], which has become really SUPER!
Peter has also adapted the smoke again something
For the sound to work properly players have to use the FS19_KeyboardSteer to put the gearbox off!
Please also note the readme in the zip to the sound!
Most people already know the tugboat and the functions have been said a lot by Cornhub.

Added to this are:
- Driver animated
- purchasable toplights from BR Mod Performance
- Selectable dynamic LED Rul from TschiZack
- Terra tires from Michelin and Mitas
- new air filter
- Fixed dynamic hoses
- Prices adjusted, etc.
- sound adjusted again by PeterAH [FBM]
- Exhaust smoke revised by PeterAH [FBM]

Look at it yourself!

Annotation Administrator:
For other boards and uploaders:
Please dont change download link.
Respect the much Hours to do this Work ...

Originalmod: BM Modding
Umbau (mit Freigabe): PommFritz
Sound und Rauch von PeterAH [FBM]
Unterst├╝tzer: BR Mod Performance
LED Rul von TschiZack Gaming
Toplights von BR Mod Performance

  • Miscguy
    2019-02-13 18:57 Send message
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    This, this is the Mb Trac I've been waiting for. Great sound, lots of options, good attention to detail, and even includes the piping for using the front Kuhn Seed bin. The front loader attach points on the rear are great as well. My current favorite "starting" tractor that will likely carry on for some time.
  • Adam1181
    2019-02-25 23:51 Send message
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    any chance of updating with a bit more speed
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