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Mercedes Arocs winter service + snowfall v1.0
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Mercedes Arocs winter service + snowfall v1.0

Here is the latest conversion but completely redesigned for Ls 19.
The winter service was built on a Mercedes Actros frame. Furthermore, minor adjustments were made to the truck, such as the ls19 lighting system. There was also a lot of deco adapted stickers and new logos.
The winter service Mercedes Actros is specifically designed for German Maps.

To play I still recommend the salt silo .

I am very passionate about this conversion and have been lovingly rebuilt by me in several weeks work piece by piece

Here are some information about the functions:
: Work schedule has been adjusted
: Cargo size has been increased to 40 tons
: Speeds for dumping / F1 menu
: Snow equipment with snow plow included in the pack (to find under miscellaneous)
: Speed camera light extension is needed !!!
: Light bar option selectable
: Salt shaker / trough to fill and sprinkle (color choice is also installed)

The Mercedes Actros winter service is still in beta, the lift axle is not yet functional !!!!

: Credits
Uhrmod by Expendable
: Salt and snow flight script by Realism Modding
: Watchmodel of the Mercedes Arocs by TMP & Sg Games
Remodeling idea by Snow Power

Uhrmod by Expendable
:Salz und Schnee Flug Skript by Realismus Modding
: Uhrmoddel des Mercedes Arocs by TMP & Sg Games
Umbau Idee by Snow Power

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