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Mercedes Benz Sprinter LWB v1.0
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Mercedes Benz Sprinter LWB v1.0

Mercedes Benz Sprinter LWB Unfinished for Farming simulator 19
- Working tension belts
- Animated doors
By thomsult Credits: GloriusModding / Tim251316 (MinewarsLP)

By thomsult

GloriusModding/ Tim251316(MinewarsLP)

  • Thomsult
    2018-12-27 15:18
    hi i need helpa lot of light shader error,if you happen to solve themthank you for leaving me a message or reupload
  • Itssdot93
    2018-12-28 02:38
    you need to do some major fixing with this mate its practically invisible
  • Tofs2019
    2018-12-29 16:02
    hi thanks for the mercedes sprinter the work done with great pleasure
  • Joey
    2019-01-01 20:17
    Hey its alright its not the best im just saying thank you
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