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MF 3012 Woodchips - Forage v1.0.0.0
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MF 3012 Woodchips - Forage v1.0.0.0

Ever wanted to use that cool MF3012 trailer for your poplar harvesting operation or mabe forage, but could not hitch it to your harvester. Here is the solution.
Changes from vanilla version:
* Added a trailer hitch so you can finally connect this to your forage harvester.
* Slightly increased capacity so you can fill up that large sugarcane semi trailer in exactly 2 passes. (28000 to 33250)
* Modified tip node for pipes so harvesters properly unload when connected to this trailer. Tested with vanilla forage harvesters. All of them work fine and even the Krone with a long pipe has no problems.

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Original by: Giants

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  • Moosey
    2020-06-16 16:18 Send message
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    Forgot to mention.Also changed fill type to bulk so it can carry all loads that are in the game. For example if you want to use this on mining map or something, you totally can.
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