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Michigan Map v3.1
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Michigan Map v3.1

The Michigan Map Version 3.1 has been updated to work with Farm Sim 19 Patch 1.4
In this version, the train has been removed, thus removing the LUA Errors caused by GIANTS error'd update 1.4.
A new SAVE GAME is highly suggested, however not required!
**  You will get LUA errors if you continue using a pre 1.4 patch save game.
* We recommend never having more than one map and the mods for that map in your mods folder. If you do not follow this you will have issues with sell points not showing up and other random issues that are not the fault of the map.

Original Creators:
Daze Farms
Taylor Farms

Version 3.0
Daze Farms

Version 3.1
Daze Farms

  • Smitty
    2019-06-24 22:45
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    Great map, great updates keep happening to this map. This is my favorite map from FS19. Thank you for updating it again, I love playing on this map. Will there be a version 4? I hope so! Best map for Farm Sim19.
  • George
    2019-06-24 22:50
    1 3
    Thank you for updating this map. Was worried it would die since Taylor Farms has quit modding and started acting like KMN, Custom Modding and those big modders he use to call out in his streams. This is my favorite map for farming simulator 19.
  • Hudi7
    2019-06-24 23:10
    0 2
    Thank you for update. This is the best map in FS19.
  • Wrangler
    2019-06-25 00:57 Send message
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    Farming Simulator 19 - B.O.B. Flyover - Michigan Farm - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WLjkP5ISTU
  • Michfarm
    2019-06-28 03:11 Send message
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    You are very welcome. Stay Tuned for the next version coming out right here on Modhub.us!
  • Ricobab
    2019-07-02 21:33 Send message
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    Thank you very much for the update. Works fine !
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