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Michigan Map FIXED v2.0
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Michigan Map FIXED v2.0

This is the latest Version of the Michigan Map from the Taylor Farms Facebook Page. It has the corrected textures along with the list below.

• Fixed Double D Ranch, will take Lose Straw, Grass, and Silage
• Added Water Trigger to the map
• Removed Floating Trees
• Setup correct Default Vehicle in New Farmer Mode
• Added Buy-able Land at Transportation Company
• Modified Transport Missions, they will leave from the Transport Company
• Made sawmill area buy-able (Logging Triggers are still broke due to GIANTS Error)
• Lessen terrain hills and valleys in fields 14, 15, 17
• Soybean texture updated ( Still not 100% but better for now)
• Field 11, 12, 20 updated terrain, no longer flat
• Asphalt in town is no longer glossy
• Pioneer Train Trigger has been fixed
• New Farmer mode location has driveway textures
• New Farmer mode has been given fields 29 & 30
• Train Track Textures have been updated

* Career Start Point is still at Taylor Farms, this is not in error that is Taylor Farms and this is what we want it.

Model: TaylorFarms & Daze Farms
Texture: TaylorFarms & Daze Farms
Script: TaylorFarms & Daze Farms
Idea / Concept: TaylorFarms & Daze Farms
Testing: TaylorFarms & Daze Farms

  • Wpm


    2019-01-26 00:08
    0 3
    Big ditches filled with water at the end of, and around every field!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you serious, or smoking crack or what? How are you supposed to turn around?
  • The flash
    2019-01-26 00:25
    2 0
    Thank you for uploading the fixed version of this map! I love this map, been playing on it since they launched Version 1. Best Map in FS19!!!
  • Jekyll n hyde
    2019-01-26 01:48
    1 0
    WPM, I have about 30 hours on this map and have no issues turning around with a 15 meter wide seeder and a seed hawk on the back of that. This is Taylor Farms mod and I am sure that they did not post this up here.
  • Iyaayas
    2019-01-26 04:10
    1 0
    will this work with my save game, or do i have to start over?
  • Ize


    2019-01-26 06:54
    1 0
    did you get kill off the wildlife, so you can make larger fields
  • 0 7
    boring, flat, square, dreary usa map
  • Lol idiots
    2019-01-26 23:58
    3 0
    LOL, guess many you are arm chair farmers and never been on a REAL farm. Many farms have canals and drainage ditches. It requires you the farmer to farm the field. or you can be lazy, go around the edges and then turn it over to harold the hired help. But even that requires BRAINS, Looks like Petermans map
  • Xetoa
    2019-01-27 00:00 Send message
    0 0
    To remove the wildlife just for into the giants I3D editor and delete the wildlife from the I3D.
  • Name
    2019-01-27 00:06
    0 0
    This is not Petermans map, this map is from Taylor Farms on Facebook. I don't know who Peterman is, but he had nothing to do with this map. The FS19 version of this map was built from the ground up by the boys over at Taylor Farms.
  • Graytomcat
    2019-01-29 06:02
    2 1
    You should redo the Lone Oak Farm Map or Crossroad Map from FS17 and put them on FS19.
  • Cordel15
    2019-02-02 22:23
    0 0
    Anybody else have a problem selling product at the Pioneer facility?
  • Orange crush
    2019-02-03 17:41
    1 3
    If you have respect for the modders you would only download this from the authors facebook rather than clicking the links here and supporting some random person who has no respect.
  • Koli
    2019-02-04 20:49
    0 0
    I'm having problem with planting more trees. Tries everywhere, but no luck.Anyone having the same problem?
  • Orange mush
    2019-02-05 18:32
    1 0
    True, but being forced to use that rotten site, makes me not want to support modders. If they had respect they'd get their own domain and stop forcing people to use Facebook. Facebook is terrible.
  • Noobs!
    2019-02-14 01:44
    0 1
    man, you guys don't know what farming is about! I own 100,000 acers in --------, you guys are noobs!
  • Big mike
    2019-02-28 09:33
    1 0
    Yes it could use some hills on the roads. There are a few fields with hills and dips. Big issue is the bears, deer, and moose in the woods so u can't join fields or make them bigger. If they was a place to put them. Put them in and area we can't buy the land. I like that they add charter to the map. All and all a good map and maybe have some cars go down the back roads. Yes that is what we call the the dirt roads in the mid west.
  • Ali


    2019-03-05 23:51
    1 0
    A very good map .But can you make it so you can use all the grass land around the map Thanks.
  • Oldfarmer
    2019-03-10 21:07
    0 0
    I can't place ANYTHING on this map. (buildings or animal lots) It all worked on the first map.
  • Ivakis_solo
    2019-03-19 18:37
    0 0
    My favorite map so far in the game but sadly it is not working with patch 1.3 beta and now patch 1.3. Many of the placeables cannot be placed, including some of the in-game ones. In the landscaping there are only 3 textures, no grass, no gravel. You can saw grass in the fields but it will never grow. No matter in what mode you start you always get the buildings at the middle farm and that is not good if you wanna build your own farm in that place.
  • Name
    2019-03-24 19:43
    0 0
    The original author's page seems to be down or has disappeared from Facebook, so I am not sure how to contact them with this fix.In the mapUS.xml file change the following lines to fix this map for 1.3:In the groundTypeMappings section:Change to: Change to:
  • Name
    2019-03-24 19:46
    0 0
    The original author's page seems to be down or has disappeared from Facebook, so I am not sure how to contact them with this fix.In the mapUS.xml file change the following lines to fix this map for 1.3:In the groundTypeMappings section:groundTypeMapping type="dirt" layer="DIRT_ROUGH" /Change to: groundTypeMapping type="dirt" layer="ROUGHDIRT" /groundTypeMapping type="grass" layer="GRASS" /Change to: groundTypeMapping type="g
  • Ivakis_solo
    2019-03-26 08:04
    0 0
    Can you upload the fixed mapUS.xml file somewhere and add ling as a comment here for all of us that like this map and would like to continue play it.
  • Parzival
    2019-03-26 10:05 Send message
    0 0
  • Runzik
    2019-06-21 21:57
    0 0
    how do install this map its in the mods folder but dont show up whn i start the game
  • Forhead
    2019-08-04 19:37
    0 0
    good map
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