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Milk yard v1.2.0.0
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Milk yard v1.2.0.0

Tach together, Here is my dairy farm because LS17 for LS19 as Placeable object.

- Season Ready (snowmask inserted)

- Smaller cowshed without additions to save space
- Texture update
There are now 2 variants of Big and Small Stables, Once with my textures and once with Eribus his

- Clear Area Fix
- Animal Capacity Fix (now up to 500 animals fit in)
should be worthwhile even with the size
- border grass layer
- Bissel decoration

Cowshed + vehicle hall / Ball Hall
It builds on because of giants orginal cow pasture.

Price: 225000
Maintenance: 1000

This object is already a bit bigger than the original, but you do not have to drive around it to manage it.
There is nothing more to say. Have fun with it.

Kastor/Giants/ Ludi|Stefan

  • Aleksu
    2019-07-30 01:18 Send message
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    Why is there no animation for cows when you go beyond the dairy farm?
  • Eva146s
    2019-07-30 06:08 Send message
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  • Guest
    2019-07-30 11:29
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  • Yib


    2019-07-30 12:20
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    please make it for Animal Pen Extension
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