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Mobile Home Placeale v1.0
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Mobile Home Placeale v1.0

Here is an affordable mobile for the young struggling farmer. The cost is 25500 with dailky upkeep of 20. When you get tired at you will gave a place to rest.


  • Eepsquared
    2018-12-10 01:00
  • Ian


    2018-12-10 01:32
    Brilliant I love it. Can't find it in my budget for the expensive house.
  • Wildbill1
    2018-12-10 03:47
    For the love of god can someone please fix that damn roof the right way...LOL
  • Bipolarexp
    2018-12-10 18:25
    Might I suggest not redistributing the unchanged textures. Just alter the i3d to point to the textures in the base game. My version of this (released over a week ago) is less than 800kb.
  • Tony
    2018-12-10 22:48
    Meth not included
  • Guest doesnt work
    2018-12-11 11:58
    LoL..you're not tired!
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