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Mod Update Pack 4 by Stevie
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Mod Update Pack 4 by Stevie

First up many many thanks to DL for your very kind donation and support sir. Regards Stevie.

Second up here's the new mod update 4.

Mod Update Pack 4 by Stevie.

43 mods mixed new and updated.

To help you avoid confusion each mod update pack I release contains various latest versions of my mods plus some new ones contained within it.

Sell off all old versions in game, remove old versions from your mods folder. Unzip the downloaded file and place the mod zips into your mods folder. Load game and enable where needed in your mod panel.

Aperion3401, ArcusinFSX6F3, Bandit750, BigM450, CaseIH Maxxum, Castros60022, DamconPL75, Deutz Serie 9, Dolly10L, Drakkar8600, Fendt300 Vario, Fendt700 Vario, GreatPlainsYP2425A, GrimmeSL8022AutoBelt, Haulmaster, HighDumpHC bucket, Krampe SB3060, KroneTZ560D, KuhnFBP3135, Kuhn1290D, KuhnMetris4102, KuhnSW4014, LiebherrL538, MF5600, Novacat301ED, NovacatX8ED,Premium Integral III, PS3401, Rapide 8400W, SEK802, SIWA720, Stego485, Starutmann VM1702 Double SF, TAW30, TDK1600, Tigo XR75D, Transpace8000, Ursus T127, Valtra A series, Valtra N series, Valtra S series, Valtra T series and the ZX560GD

Donation link: paypal.me/StevieFSMods


  • Gadzooks
    2019-03-15 15:14
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    This Krone Big M mower now has a 3-point hitch with a PTO. Finally! This mower is now useful. Worth the download just for that.
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