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Mods Pack #2 by Stevie
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Mods Pack #2 by Stevie

First up here's a huge thank you to TH for your very kind donation and support sir. Regards Stevie.

Secondly here's some mod updates.

All have extended repair intervals, the Bredals from yesterday have the tyre brand warning fixed, the animal trailers have the animal capacities corrected. The Axis and new Bredal from Giants have also had adjustments.

1. Bredal F2WS4000
2. Bredal K105 Fix
3. Bredal K165 Fix
4. Joskin Aquatrans
5. Joskin Betimax RDS7500
6. Khun Axis40
7. Wilson Silverstar

Donate: paypal.me/StevieFSMods


  • Siobahn
    2019-02-22 14:16
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    Do any of them transport chickens?
  • Bobroy minnesota farmer
    2019-02-22 21:09
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    Stevie When are you comeing out with some of the great maps you did for 17 We need them bad for F19
  • T.


    2019-02-22 22:14
    0 0
    Stevie doesn't post anything on here or respond to any requests. Have to hit him up on his fb page - https://www.facebook.com/StevieFSMods/
  • Bobroy minnesota farmer
    2019-02-22 23:23
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    Owell Thanks Im not on facebook
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