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Module Express 635 Revised v1.0
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Module Express 635 Revised v1.0

Hello I have the ModuleExpress635 Revised so that he now
has a capacity of 40000L instead of 20000L
It now has 609 hp and a working speed of 20KMH instead of 10KMH
Have fun Dammit :)


  • John27rx
    2018-12-01 23:29
    HI mr THOMAS thank you so mach for this ModuleExpress635It would be great with this mod if you update large trailer for cotton bales
  • Badass farmer
    2018-12-02 00:00
    I agree with John27RX that it would be nice if you made a cotton trailer that would pickup & haul 4 bales, but 6 would be even better 2 wide and 3 long.
  • Freestatefarmer
    2018-12-02 12:33
    Is this not Stevie configuration you just uploaded for you're self? Ooopps. Yes it is. Nice going in stealing some body else mod config bro.
  • John27rx
    2018-12-02 14:32
    Shut up please.so"I'm going to steal some body else" you are stupid troll aren't youeveryone here uploading mods.if I had know how.I was uploading mods for good people.not like you
  • Modmaniac
    2018-12-09 06:52
    why cant you idiot people make your own mods and stop uploading other people stuff and claiming it as your own. have some respect for the people who actually put the time and effort into them .
  • Modmaniac
    2018-12-09 06:53
    for those of you that whine about stealing mods why cant you morons get it through your fat heads that once a mod is run through giants editor and uploaded for public use it then becomes giants property for players to download and do with as they please. tired of of seeing all this shit in comments all the time . sound like a bunch of 3 year old bickering children.
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