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Motorcycle PACK v1.0.0.0
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Motorcycle PACK v1.0.0.0

This pack contains a 2011 Harley Davidson Road King Classic body, saddlebags, seat are color changeable rims are NOT if u want to do that just add in the xml lines.
the harley is strappable with the 2 trailers in this pack. it also has 3 motor configs.
steering is ok just dont expect super steering.
this pack also contains 2 motorcycle trailers x button is for the animated ramps to load,trailers are color selectable.
dont forget to UNZIP the pack.


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    2020-09-24 18:00
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    There's nothing like stealing other people's mods and then sharing them as yours. This mod was created by David Chucky (Captain D430) and is available at https://mod-network.com/detail/23027/MotorcyclePACK
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    2020-09-24 19:06
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    There is nothing like talking to a bot and not seeing the credits. And what is ironic is that most of mods on mod-network are also uploaded by a bot.
  • @lol
    2020-09-24 22:00
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    Isn't that something a site that claimed they'd be safe have a bot upload to their site that has multiple other bots for other sites lmao such a joke these sites are
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    2020-09-24 22:58
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    2020-09-25 21:19 Send message
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    aleast they took a mod from a terrible site and put it on a better one
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    2020-09-27 17:13
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    2020-09-27 18:37
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