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MTZ-82 / 82UK / BX100  v0.0.0.1
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MTZ-82 / 82UK / BX100 v0.0.0.1

The modification includes various variations of the MTZ tractor. If we take in comparison the 17th version of the farm, then in this modification the following works were performed: - Transfer of the mode to a non-diffuse system; - New normal maps; - Minor edits in models; - Added "big" cabin; - Added MTZ VH-100; - Added attachments for the PCU; - The mod has a variety of designs and colors. Registration modification on the index, as it was in the 17th farm. The gameplay is completely unaffected, the LOG is clean, the mod is quite playable.

Bear Farm

  • Ucca roo
    2019-04-04 16:31
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    hey can you please make a cabless mtz 82 in the 1.01 update?
  • Benzin666
    2019-04-08 10:49 Send message
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    update (82.6 MB): https://modsbase.com/kl7kioo8vpxx/FS19_MTZ_82_82UK_WH100.zip.html
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