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Multi Fruit harvester v2.0
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Multi Fruit harvester v2.0

Multi Fruit harvester

Version 2.0
What was done:
-> New fruits (cotton, sugar cane, hops, carrots, onions, tobacco, white cabbage, red cabbage, asparagus, lettuce, beans, sugar beets, potatoes)
-> Images on the vehicle and cutting units to avoid confusion
-> Bunker size selectable
-> XXL cutting unit added

What can he do?
Multicolor Rim Color
Multifruit (cabbage carrots lettuce onions potatoes red cabbage sugar beet cane)

WATCH OUT!!!!! If the fruit is not on the map is thrown Holmer Warnings is clear because he does not recognize the crop. If you still have kind of fruit wishes write me in the Discord and I still build some.

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/RFZUUE


  • Me


    2020-02-24 22:04
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    are all of the cutting heads stander size? and how much dose it hold?
  • @me


    2020-02-24 23:39
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    And so ...Cutting heads have a size workingWidth = 5.4 and a wide workingWidth = 16.7 m. Your category in the store ...
  • Not realistic
    2020-02-25 07:17
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    I have news for you, a carrot harvester (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIN9ZQXbiFw) looks nothing like a Holmer sugarbeet harvester. Nor does an onion harvester (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ej_nisJo_1E) or any of the other crop harvesters. If map makers want to have multifruit then they need to learn how to make the machines that harvest them. This machine is totally unrealistic!!
  • Name
    2020-02-25 11:10
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  • @not realistic
    2020-02-25 19:47
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    NOT REALISTIC, son, are you sure you're writing a message on the right site ? Calm down, KID, it's just a GAME !!!
  • @not realistic
    2020-02-29 03:40
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    So, I have to ask, should Giants change all headers to reflect the type of crop to be harvested, because a wheat harvester could get confused when it tries to harvest canola. Both fruits are very different, in looks and fruit shape and consistency. So, we should only use wheat headers to harvest wheat, and have a totally different header for canola, not to mention a different header for soybeans. I haven't seen anywhere in the game description that this is an accurate, real-life simulation.
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