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Multi Silo NEW built 950k farmSilo v1.0.0.1
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Multi Silo NEW built 950k farmSilo v1.0.0.1

A new multi-silo 950k as farmSilo (farm silo / main silo) all fruits
big FarmSilo MULTIfruit 950k
I know, there are already some ... I wanted to convert my FS17-MultiSilo, which I did not succeed. That's why I built it based on GIANTS farmSilo and (CTREDITS) once looked at those of Mourice and Hasco.
A different look can not hurt in the new FS19 with the small number of farmSilo PLEACEABLE.
This farmSilo can be used in the yard as a main item, fill levels are displayed in the price info.
cap: 950,000 each fruit, placeable: underground asphalt, lifetime: 1000, price: 38.800 ... have fun


  • Farmerbot
    2018-12-07 20:16
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    The silo must have sugar cane too, but it does not. If supported Cotton would be great. Good amount of storage.
  • Sumwon
    2018-12-08 06:37
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    @Farmerbot, I have just added sugarcane to this mod and uploaded to this site it for everyone .. check it outThanks to SmlehliW for the mod
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