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Multifruit double silo (medium) v1.0
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Multifruit double silo (medium) v1.0

Multifruit silo bunker. Here you can store all kinds of fruit etc. it was wanted by a user. here he is.

you wanted to have all kinds of silos in different sizes, etc. as a pack or individually? Please write in the comments. and do not forget to rate. if errors occur or something is missing please give notice! mist fits in too. no liquids!

just write to ask.

twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/freak160

please do not forget to override. do you want mods? then just write me I'll see what I can do that way.
I'm new on this webside. as a modder. .xml / graphic modder)

discord: https://discord.me/freak160
discord tag: Freak160 # 6900


  • Will
    2018-12-27 23:56 Send message
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    Those silo's are perfect for the storage of sugarbeets and potatoes.Before that I made a hole in the ground but this way is much handier.
  • Peeter
    2018-12-28 00:20 Send message
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    did u find a way to make auto unload for wrappers? :X
  • Dmac
    2018-12-28 01:38 Send message
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    how do you get your stuff out without it being either chaff or silage?
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