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Multiplayer LF Modding Official Mod Pack v0.1
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Multiplayer LF Modding Official Mod Pack v0.1

This is a modpack of all the mods that I will use in my Multiplayer Server which will open up in maybe 6 Months (I'll Let you know when) the name would probably be "Daggerwin International Fan Server" as I am a fan of Daggerwin... anyways, all the mods should be folders if you download it off Safari or possibly Edge (don't know if it does .zip or folders). If they are all .zip files then you should try using a differnt browser (FYI, Chrome does .zip files). There will probably be more mods added in the future.

Map is still undecided, please comment what map you would reccomned and suggest any mods you would think would be good on a MP server.


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  • Cookie monster
    2019-06-24 05:34
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    Michigan Map is a good one for Multiplayer Servers.
    • Lfmodding
      2019-06-24 07:17 Send message
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      OK, I'll look into that one.
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