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Hello everybody,
The time has come. The pack is ready. You get 35 houses / shelters / silos ect. in the beautiful USA - Style .. beautiful red: D
The pack about 320 Mb ... yes I know a bit big .. but that's just the same ;-)
I have dispensed with various silos, as these can also be used from the old Hofpack. They also fit very well in the USA
So as a demo and what you can build anything from it. (The pictures are from the savegame)

2 x farmhouse one blue the other white
1 x yard silo small
+ Extention
1 x yard silo big
6 x shelters
2 x cowshed
1 x pasture
2 x pigsty
1 x chicken coop
1 x horse stable
1 x sheepfold
1 x gas station
1 x water tower
1 x yard sign
1 x US flag
2 x wedge silo
1 x silo
Various fences in white
and much more

I hope you like it.
Lg Bernie


  • Juku
    2019-03-05 13:51
    6 1
    the download link is weird
  • Juku
    2019-03-05 14:06
    11 0
    this is the prettiest shed pack i have ever seen thank you !!!!!!
  • Bob51161
    2019-03-05 17:07
    3 0
    Bravo très bien
  • Bob51160
    2019-03-05 17:09
    3 0
    Bravo très bien pour le travaille
  • Ernest
    2019-03-05 17:21
    3 0
    Great, ideal mod for Clover Creek , Now you can build your own farm in the style of the USA
  • Trucker
    2019-03-05 17:44
    4 0
    I finally waited USA version! THANKS MATE!!!!
  • Kal


    2019-03-05 17:52
    3 4
    English please
  • Pewter
    2019-03-05 18:16
    5 15
    Nice selection of houses what are bugged by wrong ingame names and stupid not funny signs on them. I get, you can get yourself realistic farm, but the signs are so off, so it does not make any sense to place those buildings.For example:Everywhere have modding welt signs, modding welt farm, modding welt silo.Another example "normal feeding, if you don't know what this means play pacman" as farmer i do not know wtf is this pacman, making stupid signs like this ruins the entire p
  • Gngmods
    2019-03-05 21:36 Send message
    2 0
    Thanks so much for this so far its great!!
  • Twoton44
    2019-03-05 23:38
    1 0
    Awesome mod pack, one of the best I have seen. Great job!!! And the savegame1 file you provided was incredible as well. Thank you for your hard work. The attention to detail is off the chart.
  • Just a guy
    2019-03-06 00:42
    5 2
    BERNIESCS has to be one of the most talented modders out there. These are absolutely top notch in quality and operation. OUTSTANDING mods. I for one feel greatful he is willing to share with the community. I can not say thanks enough for this. Reminds me of the farm I grew up on. Thanks for the memories. Sure wish I could mod like that. Cheers! PEWTER- Rather than complain. Learn how to mod yourself and remove signage/verbage as required. Otherwise STFU.
  • Ih danoldschoolfarmer
    2019-03-06 01:41
    4 0
    are these placables
  • Name
    2019-03-06 04:13
    3 0
    is the in game text in english?
  • Geezer
    2019-03-06 05:28
    2 0
    WOW! This is a great mod. just placed all the buildings! They are great! Note you have use the landscape tool to level the ground first. They don't adjust the terrain level on their own. I use the place anywhere mod.
  • Tofmm100
    2019-03-06 12:50
    0 0
    tres tres joli bravo
  • Tofmm100
    2019-03-06 12:51
    0 0
    l'étable a vache est d'un charme fou
  • Rico
    2019-03-06 15:16
    3 0
    Wow, It is so amazing ! Thank you so much for this pack.
  • Eagle355th
    2019-03-07 06:55 Send message
    2 0
  • Nice farm pack
    2019-03-08 06:47
    1 0
    I currently use this whole set in my game...with some landscaping basic knowledge, and your landscape editor tool skills..one should be able to layout a farm using this pack. don't random place, take your time..with a notepad, write down the names of the buildings and what they do, place according to access 1.hay barn 2. cow barn 3. pig parn 4. storage 5. vehicle shop 6. grain silo..7. silage bunker, water , seeds, fert, ect. now the roads for access..make it make sense and dollars..(the road in
  • Polack01
    2019-03-08 19:44
    0 0
    Bonjour, je joue avec vos créations sur les bâtiments type Europe et je les trouve très réussi. Je me suis refait une ferme perso avec que vos éléments et j'en suis ravi ! J'ai téléchargé votre savegame1 sur RAVENPORT pour voir les nouveaux éléments. Les nouvelles créations sont superbes, avec quelques petits bugs (vu la quantités de bâtiments, mes remarques sont minimes) : - L'écurie (pour les chevaux) n'a pas de sorties. Et les chevaux sont en passe murailles sur quelques murs.
  • Monster jsf
    2019-03-09 05:36
    2 0
    nice pack but how can you fill the SCS FEEDING SILO ? i cant dump silage in there… anyone could help?
  • Just a guy @monster jsf
    2019-03-09 06:42
    2 0
    Monster I have no issue filling the SCS FEEDING SILO. The silo only excepts, silage, grass, straw, Pig food and Total Mixed Ration (TMR). When the orange filler is out simply drive over with those products and "I icon for fill will appear". To take from the silo you need to hit" R" while standing at the pipe or left click mouse. The FILL PIPE will move out and the filler hopper will be removed. I hope this helps. Just a guy. As stated it will only accept feeding products.
  • Keith
    2019-03-09 17:20
    1 0
    These guys secretly work for GIANTS!..They should...lol. I only placed the cow barn and was blown away! So amazing Thanks for this awesome mod set.
  • Derekrw02
    2019-03-13 01:37
    1 0
    AWSOME AWSOME AWSOME thanks so much to the modder you guys make this game playable
  • Koalat
    2019-03-14 23:28 Send message
    1 0
    Fucking amazing. So much hard work into this mod set by the original author. 100% props to them and fuck the Dyma123 bot for posting this here.
  • Chickens
    2019-03-18 00:15
    0 0
    The chickens wont give me my eggs.
  • Murat
    2019-03-31 13:24
    0 0
    have Multiplayer support ? or only singleplayer
  • Konservtive
    2019-04-22 21:22
    0 0
    Anyone know where to put straw for the cow sheds?
  • Konservative
    2019-05-03 19:46
    0 0
    I also cannot seem to delete, or sell, the large cow shed. Any tips?
  • Andrew
    2019-07-06 08:26
    0 0
    Too bad the SCS Horse Stable does not accept hay bales anywhere.
  • Dude with 600+ hours on fs19
    2019-09-25 19:56
    0 0
    I cant get it to download
  • Mag


    2020-03-04 19:47
    0 0
    I can't unload from a trailer into the normal silo.
  • Gogleadrian
    2020-03-12 10:37
    0 0
    Can the mod come to conole ps4
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