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My radio music v1.0
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My radio music v1.0

Love Ls 17 / Ls 19 - 2.0 because the radio stream has been durchgejudelt and the ingame music stream after some time can be boring! I once took the trouble to make something new for My Radio Ls 19 Good hours
to spend in the tractor ...
Music that brings little change ...
Folder always plays with new music every 3 weeks
have fun with it
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  • Max221
    2018-11-23 02:59 Send message
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    which folder does this mod go in? music or mods?
  • Thatguyagain
    2020-01-23 02:30
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  • Blaine
    2020-07-21 12:02 Send message
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    I'm sorry for being so stupid and computer illiterate being a 70-year old. This is a ZIP file can I just download it into the music file as is or do I have to unzip it? What if I unzip it in the music folder?
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