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Nefaz bale trailer v1.0.0.0
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Nefaz bale trailer v1.0.0.0

It is a 3-axle trailer made of a 2-axle bale trailer.
Log is fully clear.
It has all FS19 stantards:
Hook for other trailers,
Connection hoses,
Wheels selection,
Multicolor of platform

Extended model,
Obversed hook,
Added some improvements (hook isn’t lies on the ground),
Changed prices,
Translated Configuration,
New Store icon

The mod was tested on singleplayer and multiplaye. I didn’t notice any mistakes. Please report all errors – they will be removed on a regular basis.

You can upload to other sites, but you mustn’t change the link.

(3 Axies)- JMZ
(Standard ver.)- Gvidas, IGORyaN, Giants Software, Aluha74Rus, rozummihail

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