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New Holland Cr 10.90 Extended HUD v1.0
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New Holland Cr 10.90 Extended HUD v1.0

This mod has a lot of realistic animations and informations

All fs 19 standards
Added extra screen
A ton of Realistic dashboard informations and animations, many of them one of the kind to fs19 so far
Sound Warnings
Light indicators
Threshing flow indicator (Thanks to Da-Hoffi)
Indication of threshed grain
And many more.

Main model: Giants
Extra screen: Antonis78
Flow indication script : Da-Hoffi ( with some little additions by me)

  • Harvest speed ? ? ?
    2019-09-02 07:02
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    Who cam up with this crud, anything past 5 mph, and the combine engine quits, saying engine stalled, you were going too fast? ? ? Stock NH 13.7m header Giant store set @ 6 mph.Common, get real people.
  • Name
    2019-09-02 10:51
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    This speeds is based real harvest conditions.You can change the maxSpeedOffset="2" from 2 to any value you want in xml also you can disable the engine stall in the xml by changing this value hardStop="true" from true to falseHere where is located:.
  • Name
    2019-09-02 10:52
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    threshingFlowIndicator indicatorBarNode="IndicatorBar" showInHud="true" hardStop="true" maxSpeedOffset="2"
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