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New Holland T6 v1.0.0.0
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New Holland T6 v1.0.0.0

New Holland T6 US Spec
Configurable suitcase weights
Configurable wheels
Warning signs
Engine configurations
Fender configurations
Facebook: facebook.com/NortheastFarmGroup/

NEFG Modding

  • Ricobab
    2019-12-15 17:33 Send message
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    Hi ! thanks for the T6, it is excellent ! Just one error in the log because you added a .wav file. You just need to convert it to .ogg and replace the wav file.
  • Guest
    2019-12-18 00:31
    1 1
    Hi Ricobab, I will not change it, it's MY mod. F U bud, how dare you belittle my modding skills! No respect for you...
  • @guest
    2019-12-18 02:39
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    Hi Guest, sorry to break it to you, but it's MY mod. Fuck you bud, how dare you try to impersonate me. Try harder next time.
  • Guest
    2019-12-21 02:58
    1 2
    Such a faker, you homophobic piece of shit! For the last time, it is MY FUCKING MOD! Get lost kid, quit the shenanigans. And, while you are at it, please fuck yourself for the time being. Thank you, fucker.
  • Brad02
    2019-12-23 01:35 Send message
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    @Guest, Again, sorry to break it to you. It's my mod.
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