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New Holland T9 Smartrax / Smartrax II v1.0.2.19
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New Holland T9 Smartrax / Smartrax II v1.0.2.19

Previous version:
- Multi User support added
- Fixed some errors (espresso, wheels, speed, differential, brakes, etc.)
- Optional wider crawler
- 1.0 SMARTRAX II (There is a bug that I will fix soon, aesthetically)
- Optional Stronger engine with higher speed

Special thanks to FOZZY691 for SMARTTRAX

  • Hatez
    2019-01-01 12:37 Send message
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    Hello!I like this mod, a lot better than the "stock" version(i mean steering sensitivity was better for console),finally added Smarttrax II,love it.Can u make this version without warning signs,and more engine options(9.450,9.670,9.700)?And more tracks config(rowcrop,if possible)?Thanks!Happy New Year!
  • Kronos
    2019-01-01 16:19 Send message
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    hello, I am a big fan of the update since the base mod was kinda dodgy but there are still some problems with the 1200 hp engine. The stopping power is waaay of, and maybe you could add a 700 hp engine (or just the one from the top vanilla tractor)?
  • Feca
    2019-01-01 22:57 Send message
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    Hello.On another page, the previous version was said: I has been copied and he make thist tractor first. There is a user named vfaithv. He made the 700 hp tractor. It is not a big task to copy the engine settings from his MOD. But I don't take it out, because then they're accusing you again.The engine settings are still being improved.regards
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