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New Holland T9000 Series v1.0
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New Holland T9000 Series v1.0

The T9000 is available in the T9020 (335 HP), T9030 (385 HP), T9040 (435 HP), T9050 (485 HP), T9060 (535 HP) engine configurations. It has 3 different fuel tank sizes to increase your time in the field. It has multiple weight configurations for the rear axle up to 1000 kg. It has many tire configurations including 900 singles, 800 and 900 duels, 520 triples. It has no DEF.
Max Speed: 36 KPH
Base Price: 201 000

Model and Textures: Owen Nielsen
Tester: Travis Molzan

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    Eww... Just why? At least make the model half decent before just texturing it from Polygonish.
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