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New Holland TR96 beta
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New Holland TR96 beta

This is a new holland TR96 combine and it is still a beta  so more updates will come to this mod.
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  • Hello
    2019-04-15 23:28
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    the header is too small, it needs to be either 24ft or 30ft,thanks though for your hard work modding, you have alot of good mods
    • Adubs
      2019-04-16 00:04 Send message
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      Thanks the mod is just the combine I used a in game header to test the mod you can use any header you want
  • Gord
    2019-04-17 06:31
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    Thanks for this, If you can get to it could you address the grain tank? Ours didn't look like that. It was open with factory hinged extensions at front and back. Have fun and thanks for fixing these old mods.
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