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Niedersachsisches Land v1.2.0.0
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Niedersachsisches Land v1.2.0.0

Here is finally my map Nierdersächsisches country!

SO you wanted an update and here it comes and indeed a great ....
I hope you like it so far but I have not much time at the moment to continue to build big .....
There will still be an update that u.a. Weeds on the roadside includes .... sry but I hope I can make you happy with that ....

New score is needed!
What this update involves;
Track installed
Train inserted
-Hof in Wassel is no longer starting point
- New fields have been created plus another building site for yard or similar.
-Landcapetool adapted
Start fleet changed
-Unterführung in Sehnde is new and higher
-PDA adjusted

Oh, it's a lot

So here is finally my map.

This map uploads here to get your direct feedback and to test it for me. I have built this map completely alone, i. there may be errors in it which I may have overlooked because I'm just a human being :-D.

First of all, this is a real replica of a real area in the Hanover region. So anyone who knows about this area will hardly need the PDA map. the replica is not 100% but I did my best to create an optimal afterimage.

In 17 it was the Wassel Map who knows you know which map it is.
But I have made a sweeping attack say almost every house has been replaced by a new, then various detail work has been made.

To the map;
-Bga available
-8 outlets
- At Agri LB you can sell and buy silage, grass and straw. If you buy it is more expensive than if you make it yourself
With Nordzucker you can sell turnips, buy lime and pig feed.
- At Kali & salt behind the White Mountain you can buy mineral fertilizer and lime and with Seasons even road salt.
At Bettmann's Landhandel you can sell grain and buy seeds and mineral fertilizer.
-Wor forestry wants to do this in the big forest
Who needs a Abkühöung can go swimming in the Mittellandkanal but be careful as well as ships
Traffic as in the '17s almost 90 splines with variable speeds and turning operations, i. he does not always drive the same route.

Speed ​​except location 65Km / h and inner town 50km / h so no slow-moving AI's more
-MultiAngle so more field angle
-New fruits; Rye, spelled, mixed grain, alfalfa and onions
Fruits placed in series
-Kaliberg Sehnde is passable so you can ride on it and enjoy the beautiful view
-51 fields
In Köthenwald is a large yard where you have plenty of room for animals, etc
- Behind the channel also a building site that has to be edited beforehand with the editing tool
-For the firefighters among you, if you hear a siren, please make out the sound of the game beforehand and see if it's the real thing or the one from the game
- the buildings that are in the beginning of the yard can all be sold again and be re-placed ie. You can also make the yard different

and much more.

So now to the other part of the map;
I swapped the tarpaulin for the originals out of the Well of the Wells, as it caused some break-in for Emense FPS.

In certain places are still FPS burglaries available where I unfortunately have not found what it is.

Probably. yes, one of you will find out why. I am dependent on your eyes and help so please inform me about any mistakes etc so that I can take care of it if I find the time. This map should possibly go into the ModHub so as I said I rely on you and hope that you give me hints for updates, etc. Thanks for that!

Now I wish you a lot of fun with the map and I am happy about videos and first pictures of you.


  • Wrangler
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    B.O.B. Lookaround - Niedersachsisches Land - Farming Simulator 19 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gni2qh5Ka2g
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  • Mcarden75
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    For some reason on this map I was having issues loading it until I got rid of my mods and brought my FS19 back to default instead of using 1.4 patch. Prior to all the changes I was getting only black and freezing until the 3rd time which gave me shades of the map. I am not to sure what is going on or maybe this map is only designed for high performance gaming desktops. As soon as I was able to get everything going it was a very well thought out map and loving it.
  • Guest
    2019-08-20 11:03
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  • To guest
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    You do know those posts are made by bots, right? The people don't actually post here, they have bots that do it for them. So they don't see your comments.
  • Karlos
    2019-08-25 01:08
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    Yeahcool die gegend kenn ich . hast aber vergessen den Knast und die Klapse einzubauen. ;) schicke map
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