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NMC D-11 Bulldozer v1.0.0.0
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NMC D-11 Bulldozer v1.0.0.0

The NMC D-11 dozer is designed with reliability and durability in mind. The NMC D-11 has numerous applications weather on the farm being used to compact silage and removing snow. To the forest where it can be used to plow roads and set up logging decks.

The NMC D-11 comes with two blade choices in the store. A pushing blade used for silage, grains and snow removal. Or a plow blade used for making new fields or roads.

Also in the store your will find The NMC D-11 ripper blade which attaches to the back of the machine . The ripper also has built in plow function. There is also a three point hitch attachment you can find in the store that will allow any three point hitch implements to be attached to the dozer.

For transportation it is best to move the dozer and blades separately. As they all are strapable to any low loader that offers the strap function such as the NMC Kingtrail G4. This makes the machine more maneuverable on maps with smaller roads and is more realistic.

Price: 1.400.000€
Power: 850-1500 hp
Max. forward speed: 12 kph
Max. backward speed: 14 kph

North Modding Company

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    2020-07-22 23:45
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    2020-07-23 00:25
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    2020-07-23 03:54
    3 1
    Conflicts with the real dirt mod...Causes repeating LUA error and lags the game out. Already got rid of the REA mod that conflicted with the grapple skidder which was a big part of the games realism, don't think i am going to get rid of the real dirt mod when there are other dozers out there just as good. To bad though, this would have been a nice one.
  • Lmaverick67
    2020-07-24 08:10
    0 0
    mod très beau pour décorationon ne peu pas se servir de joystickoutil monté et descendre trop lentpatine trop vite quand on pousse ensilage
  • Emil
    2020-08-02 14:52
    1 0
  • Space cam
    2020-08-03 04:58
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    the back connection is for plowing, fix the front blade for clearing the land and pushing down tree. and then make different width plows, using the blade to blow looks real ridiculous
  • Space cam
    2020-08-03 04:59
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    nice mod but would nicer if can be as the real thing
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