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NMC Griffin Thunderbuild v1.0.0.0
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NMC Griffin Thunderbuild v1.0.0.0

The Griffin Thunderbuild is a purpose built truck for moving forest machines. With a short wheelbase and the ability to lift the rear trailer it makes it a compact and ideal transport solution for the forest. Tons of options for cab decorations, bullbars and lights to make sure its the king of the road.

Griffin Truck:
-Price: 260000$
-Top speed: 83km/h
-Horse power: 520-730 hp
-Engine configurations
-Front 3 point (in config)
-Wheel Configurations
-Design Configurations
-Base color config
-Design color config
-Rim color config
-Tension belt support
-UniversalPassenger Support (PC/MAC only)

North Modding Company

  • Paul
    2020-03-05 23:50
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    convert this pleaseFS17 VOLVO 8X6 V1.0
  • Simulator mods reviews
    2020-03-07 12:00
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  • Andi
    2020-03-14 17:22
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    you have taken it from the real owner
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