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NMC Rambler Pack v1.1.0.0
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NMC Rambler Pack v1.1.0.0

The NMC Rambler 2500 series line of truck's where definitely designed with the hard working farmers and loggers of the world in mind.

-Removed Rambler 1500
-Removed Rambler 3500
-Removed airlines from 5th wheel option
-Added color options for lights
-Added new engine configs
-Added new wheel configs
-Added standard rim color: Chrome
-Added custom sounds
-Added couple more wheel configs
-Added fuel tank option to module
-Added ball hitch option to module
-Fixed scale on all models
-Fixed wheels turning to slow at high speed
-Fixed side steps not sticking out far enough
-Fixed collisionMasks
-Fixed wheels not giving shadow
-Fixed suspensions for wheels
-Fixed mirrors
-Changed name for "NMC Super Engine" to "Built 5.9L 12V"
-Raised descVersion to 53

Any logger or farmer can tell you horsepower, torque and size matters! And the NMC Rambker series delivers on all fonts.

NMC Rambler 2500
The NMC Rambler 2500 series offers three regular standard rim options and 3 dually rim options. Also offering running board configuration and roll bar configuration. Three bumper configurations. Both LED light bar and strobe light bar options. Plus standard mirror's or tow mirror's. And also a 5th wheel option and standard bumper hitch. . And numerous NMC bed modules which include log bunk, 2 different service beds, standard flat bed, flat bed with 5th wheel and standard truck bed. DISCLAIMER the NMC service bed do not actual perform maintenance service they are for appearance and refueling only.

Rambler 2500 series Engine configurations
6.6L V8
6.7L C
6.7L V8
Built 5.9L 12V

2500 Price: 37000 $
Backbed: 6700 €

Thanks to farm.boy.2006 for helping us out with engine sounds.

North Modding Company

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