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NMC US Log Trailers v1.0.0.0
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NMC US Log Trailers v1.0.0.0

The NMC LT B-Train is a two piece articulated logging trailer. It is capable of hauling huge loads of logs out of the woods. The NMC B-Train offer's three log bunk placed on two seprate trailer's with the main trailer hold two log bunks while the smaller trailer holds one log bunk. The Two trailers that make up the NMC LT B-Train have the capability being seperated and are easily detached and reattachable.

The NMC PT 8-18 is an affordable logging pole trailer used for hauling full length logs. The NMC PT 10-18 is fully adjustable and allows you to adjust the trailer's length to suit your need's. While easily allowing you to bring full length cuts of timber to the sawmill.

NMC LT B-Train:
Price: 47000$
Trailer length: 20 meters

NMC PT 8-18:
Price: 19000$
Log Length: 8-18 meters

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