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NMC Woodchip Transport Pack v1.0.0.0
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NMC Woodchip Transport Pack v1.0.0.0

NMC Woodchip Transport Pack is a pack designed to fit with the NMC Griffin short chassis config version. The setup is most common in the scandinavian area. This pack includes two store items, 1x module and 1x trailer. The pack is mainly built for woodchip transportation but with the option to open the door manually, you can transport anything that you can fit in there. There are tension belts in both the module and the trailer so you can strap down the load if needed. You can also transport your harvest of any crop as well. With the total capacity of 115 000 liters with both module and trailer attached, you can for sure empty your farm silo in no time.

Price Module: 32000$
Capacity Module: 35000 litres
Price Trailer: 67000$
Capacity Trailer: 80000 litres
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