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Nordfriesische Marsch v1.1
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Nordfriesische Marsch v1.1

Moin people, the wait is over and I can show you the Nordfriesian March V1 Beta.

Version 1.1
Flying shield deleted at weaving
Sales area Raiffeisen slightly shifted (savegame change needed to -233,422 99.57)
Sounds adapted to the map
Signs Bus stop now stop and have no more collision
Car BGA Nord is no longer in the carport wall
Auto Aral is no longer in the carport wall
Car at the cogeneration plant is no longer in the fence
Fence at the court house further away from field 1
Grass field at the yard now without faulty grass edges in the field
Grassfield missions should work now
Ships route no longer too deep
BGA has a bit more capacity and works faster
BGA bunker walls improved
Street adapted at gardening to the dike
Cotton removed from dyke at field 13
Wheat removed at field32
Fixed 2 double trees in the forest at the sawmill
Bridge railing now with collision
Field 6 Corner to the hardware store adjusted slightly

Unfortunately, there are still no productions but very many sales opportunities.

North Frisian plains with attention to detail, typical of dikes, ditches, forests, deco windmills
Large fields (20 cereals, 14 grass)
17 sales stations
2 bga's
New missions
Very much space for placeable objects of all kinds

I wish you a lot of fun and good luck on the NF march
Kind regards

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  • Sdl


    2019-01-15 10:01 Send message
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    grossse merde
  • Ringovik
    2019-01-15 11:23 Send message
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  • Kleeblatt
    2019-01-15 12:17 Send message
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    @SDL, contribution primitive, montrez vos cartes
  • Tazziczech
    2019-01-15 13:38 Send message
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    when will the production?Thank you for the info
  • Gildarak
    2019-01-15 16:14 Send message
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    Hello ! Thanks to you for this wonderful map !i just wanted to ask something, is it possible to update the map, and to use the save of 1.0 for the 1.1 updated ? thanks in advance for ur answer!
  • @gildarak
    2019-01-15 20:12 Send message
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    https://www.fs-uk.com/forum/index.php?topic=190006.0add these: farms.xml, farmland.xml, items.xml, npc.xmlexperiment (copy/dont copy) with fruitdensity.gdm, fruitdensitygrowthstate.xml. there might be stuff you changed from 1.0 displayed in 1.1. and things removed from 1.1 now showed by ur 1.0. play around with it :D (plants, grass,)same goes for items.xml. (buildings/triggers). if not copyed just rebuy placeables.just try whatt works and is to ur
  • Gildarak
    2019-01-15 21:31 Send message
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    Thx for ur response, buty is it possible to do this on a server? i play on my server but i dont know if i can access on all these files
  • Bobroy minnesota farmer
    2019-01-16 22:10 Send message
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    Good job Now would you please do a Hagensted only biger not exstrem
  • Graytomcat
    2019-01-27 20:49
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    Love the map but need to get rid the raise roads then the map would be great. Can you do the map Lone Oak Farm and have it little more flatter and put in fences and gates.
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