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Objectpack v1.0
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Objectpack v1.0

hi Guys
Today I'll put a few objects at your disposal.
These must be inserted with the Giants Editor!

Included in the pack

The gate has been modified so that you can animate it. Who can bring animations ingame, feel free to contact me for future projects.
Please do not be too strict with the rating. It is my first mod after a very long time, so I have to come in first.
Trozdem I would like to share this pack with you.

Modell: SK_Gaming
Textur: SK_Gaming
Script: SK_Gaming
Idee / Konzept: SK_Gaming
Tester: SK_Gaming
Sonstige: SK_Gaming

  • Lazy
    2019-01-01 19:33 Send message
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    You lazy fucks... FS19 Is a PLACEABLE game. Retards.
  • Wildbill1
    2019-01-01 21:56 Send message
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    @LAZY-Oh look, another keyboard commando who knows how to use cuss words. You really impressed me with your unintelligent comment. When you finally realize what this pack is for then maybe you will be smart enough to have a intelligent comment instead of the trash your spewing out.
  • Taz


    2019-01-03 11:05 Send message
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    le mod s'installe pas sur serveur (non reconnu comme mod fs19)
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