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OK Utilitizer - Utility Vehicle v1.0.0.0
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OK Utilitizer - Utility Vehicle v1.0.0.0

All new vehicle for FS19 and I hope you enjoy this mod.
Thus multipurpose vehicle is a great option for your farm.
It features the option to have a three point hitch on the back to help you with all your precision farming needs.
Color optionable and a clean log. The base I used for this vehicle was the New Holland 120 car by J.AModding that is available in the in game mod hub.
I corrected the issue that mod was having in the log to make sure it was clean.
All functional lights, color options, and 3 point hitch option in back.
The bed features straps for all your transporting needs

Category: cars
Price: $1250
Brand: Lizard
Fun: priceless

If You Discover Issues With This Mod Please Contact Us.
We Hope You Enjoy It!


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