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Overkill F550 v2.0
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Overkill F550 v2.0

- made the winch an option so you can use Overkill with the bumper winch instead.
- moved the chrome, paint and black choices to the grill options menu (so there is a choice for each grill type to have the emblems chrome, painted or black).

Exley, Expendables (for original F450 model), Austin Farmer (for suspension parts), Creator of the Tajfun Winch and script (for the winch)

  • Boosted
    2019-05-31 03:03
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    Link doesnt work
  • Ethan
    2019-06-01 21:00
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    the mod link works just hit follow link then it brings you to sharemods it safe and the mod is awsome
  • Ps4


    2019-06-23 12:45
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    please add to ps4
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