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Oxford County 19 Beta
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Oxford County 19 Beta

Oxford County 19 Beta 0.1 buy Dk1270
This map is in testing phase and will be released soon.
manly dairy farming
Some grain harvesting
Working on Pigsty
very realistic environment. This map is going to be so detailed that you can hear the power lines on a worm summer's day.
steaming manure bunker
Custom realistic textures
Moving clouds and animated characters now in game
Custom realistic equipment and environment Sounds pack buy me dk1270.
There's more to come.


  • Corey
    2019-01-01 17:58 Send message
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    when are you going to release this map?
  • Terry
    2019-01-01 18:08 Send message
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    hey need a website better to download it from
  • Oldman
    2019-01-01 18:14 Send message
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    need a photo of the map or PDA
  • Poopy pants
    2019-01-01 18:29 Send message
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    I guess I'll never play this map. If you have an add blocker or pop-up blocker... website makes it impossible to download. Turn it all of.. risk getting a BUG... Sooo.. nope! No download.
  • @poopy
    2019-01-01 19:10 Send message
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    I have addblocker and malwarebytes, map downloaded fine.
  • Haha, tricked me
    2019-01-01 19:16 Send message
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    come on, map doesn't work, can't enter vehicle
  • Dk1270
    2019-01-01 20:12 Send message
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    If u cant enter vehicles its because you must't run mod maps buy themselves in your mod folder other maps cause conflict.
  • @dk1270
    2019-01-01 20:41 Send message
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    Nope, everything taken out, still no enter vehicles, it's pretty much a blank map, guess thats why it says blank map
  • Diniz
    2019-01-02 13:09 Send message
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    Is this based on Oxford County, Ontario?
  • Dk1270
    2019-01-05 17:05 Send message
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    Yep Oxford County, Ontario
  • Wow


    2019-02-06 00:45
    0 0
    blank map can walk around but cant enter vehicle
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