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Pack PLN Plugs v1.0
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Pack PLN Plugs v1.0

The pack contains five plows PLN.
1) PLN 3-35- Working width: 1.05 m, necessary tractor power: 80 l / s.
2) PLN 4-35- Working width: 1.4 m, necessary tractor power: 130 l / s.
3) PLN 5-35 - Working width: 1.75 m, necessary tractor power: 165 l / s.
4) PLN 6-35 Working width: 2.05 m, necessary tractor power: 220 l / s.
5) PLN 8-35 - Working width: 2.8 m, necessary tractor power: 300 l / s.
6) PLN-9-35

Installation Instructions Pak plows PLN in FS19:

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FantOm_98, dimaks, ANDREI1994, Ra$$el, vitjokrdinv987

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    2019-02-25 17:32
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    2019-02-25 09:36 Warning (C:/Users/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/pln_plows_pack/pln3_35.xml): I3D file offers '2' objects, but '1' components have been loaded!2019-02-25 09:36 Warning: Particle system emitter mesh 'dustEmitShape1Shape' must be marked as a CPU Mesh or Emitter geometry name must contain 'emit' if it is set from script2019-02-25 09:36 Error: Can't load resource 'data/sounds/ploughSound.wav'.2019-02-25 09:36 Error: Can't load sample 'data/sounds/plou
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