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Paint Canvas Mod v1.0
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Paint Canvas Mod v1.0

This mod will enable painting options for almost all vehicle and accessories.
Note that there are some limitations within the game so a few parts are not colorable one some machines tools but luckily they are pretty few.

I also added a design option to most vehicles, skipped a few due to limitations or it just looking weird.

And finally rim painting options are avaiable for most vehicles now as well.

Hope you will enjoy this mod and this way you won’t have to download a separate mod for every vehicle and tool within the game.
Note that this will conflict with mods changing tires and wheels or changing the performance of the vehicle.
If you want to use them both my tip is to merge in the wheel/tire/performance mod into this one. Use notepad++ with compare plugin and see what were changed from the stock files and add it into this one.
Should not be that many lines.


  • R baker
    2019-03-11 17:34
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    Used this program for a while and really liked it. Lost my mod folder and had to reload now it will not load. I noticed it doesn't have a FS19_ in front of the file name (?). Would really like to have this mod working again...
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