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Pallets/Tanks with Digital Fill Level Indicator v2.0
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Pallets/Tanks with Digital Fill Level Indicator v2.0

File A: (does not require file B)

- Normal capacity, 2x, and 5x pallets and tanks with Digital fill level indicator.
(included normal sized chicken,pig,horse foods with indicator)
Stock store pallets will still show up in store, and will not have an indicator. (Tip** add false to the store data header for an xml to hide it from store)

File B:(If installed requires file A)
- Replaces stock store pallets with Mod pallets(adds indicator).
- removes stock store pallets from list(cleaner store list).
- changes chicken egg box capacity from 100 to 250 eggs per
- adds fill level indicator to egg boxes..
- changes unload system for attachments.(when unloading seeds/fert ect from attachments it will unload into largest capacity pallet/tank.) unload spreader with 14400 lime, instead of 10x 1,000l pallets and partial 400l/1000l, it will give 1 x 10,000l and a partial 4,400l/10,000'

****note File B is installed to farming simulator 19 install directory. unzip it. Copy folder data, paste in directory. if prompted to over write, click yes. otherwise if not prompted, you've copied to wrong location.

Multiplayer tested! works fine, even without all players having installed file B.


  • Bamf mods
    2019-02-07 17:06
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    for some reason file B is the first download mirror and file A is the second link.
  • Thomas
    2019-02-07 23:43
    0 1
    guess what does not work do not even bothered to download it now i can delete the two folders that i placed in my fs 19 and slide back over my original copy of the big bag container and pallets
  • Bamf mods
    2019-02-08 01:52
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    For some reason i cannot create an account on here, and its messed up the links. modhub mirror still has version 1.0 of file B. I've included my dropbox links below with proper file versionsFile Ahttps://www.dropbox.com/s/thu0x5cqpufh5us/BAMF_biggerpallets.zip?dl=0File Bhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/lk6y2zdregh74ib/add_me_to_fs19_directory.zip?dl=0
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