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Parra R12 v2.0.0.0
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Parra R12 v2.0.0.0

Spanish trailer from the 80s/90s, with folding sides. The folding sides make it also can be used as a platform for pallets and bales of straw. You can also add a discharge pipe to load seeders and fertilizers.

5000 x 2450 x 1400.

Capacity 13794 kg.
Base price 7500€/9000€

Driving controls
Left sides open/close: Key N/Key J
Right sides open/close: Key M/Key K
Back door open/close: Left Shift + key N/ Left Shift + key J
Extend pipe: Left CTRL + Left Shift + Key M/Left CTRL + Left Shift + Key K

caleruega мoddιng desιgn
- facebook: facebook.com/caleruegamd
- instagram: instagram.com/caleruegamd

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