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PAZ-672 v1.0.0.0
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PAZ-672 v1.0.0.0

The small-class Soviet bus produced by the Pavlovsky Bus Plant in 1967-1989. PAZ-672 were designed for regional and suburban routes with low passenger traffic.
Carries workers on the maps like "Yagodnoye"
Passengers-45. Engine power-115, Speed-80, Price-12000
UDIM textures, gets dirty, getting old. Change of the main color, the color of design, the color of the wheels. Some animation. The choice of design, wheels.


  • Fr


    2020-03-27 22:29
    3 7
    More Russian Shit
  • @fr


    2020-03-27 22:48
    3 1
    Пошел на хуй, петух ебаный, сука.
  • Bob51160
    2020-03-27 22:54
    4 0
    Thank you for this little bus, especially for its style, thank you to you KARL911.Спасибо за этот маленький автобус, особенно за его стиль, спасибо тебе, KARL911.
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