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Peterbilt 389 Pole Truck v1.0
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Peterbilt 389 Pole Truck v1.0

Ponderosa Logging would like to release our Pole Truck's. We have put alot of work into them to get them to the point we feel good to release them. There is the 389 and pole trailer and pup. We have a drop axle option on the truck.

Expendables Modding for the base truck.

Ponderosa Logging

To release the compensator make sure you are selected on the trailer and press x. We have not had to release the compesator with our edits but if you experience any time you cant turn try unlocking the compensator.

Thank you. Have fun Loggers.

Ponderosa Logging
Expendables Modding

  • Trailer?
    2019-11-28 01:50
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    does it come with the truck? if not which trailer are u using that photo
  • Haha
    2021-01-22 17:41
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    trys not to laf
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