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Pickup 2014 Edit by DeltaBravo Productions v1.0
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Pickup 2014 Edit by DeltaBravo Productions v1.0

This is an edit of the in-game Pickup 2014. I've added beacon lights, also added my DBP Farm Logo, and Escort Logo. They are selectable. All error free.

Original mod: Giants
Edit by: DeltaBravo Productions
DBP Farm Logo by: johnthehunteriq

  • Deltabravo
    2018-12-13 12:00 Send message
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    Make sure to check out https://www.deltabravoproductions.com/ for future mods, live twitch streams, recent youtube videos and more.
  • Guest5556
    2018-12-13 12:46 Send message
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    Nice job, love the beacons
  • Dctoe
    2018-12-16 00:52 Send message
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    Will do guys! Hope you are working on a full utility. With the bed loaded with supplies? I rely heavily on those trucks on the big farms. Will be automatic 5 stars if you come up with one. :PThis is a great start, thanks for sharing!
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