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Placeable AGRO sell store v1.3
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Placeable AGRO sell store v1.3

AGRO sales station (placeable)

Purchase price: EUR 79.998, -
Cost / day: EUR 59, -
Category: silos
Delivery rate: 1000L / sec.
Prices: Shoppreise + 10%
Product range: Seeds, fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, lime, pesticides, pig feed, water
Water is also not free: EUR 99, - / 1000L

Only the goods that you can currently fill at the vehicle are displayed.
Seeders can also be filled with fertilizer in Career mode.
For this, the cover must be opened.
Unfortunately this does not work in multiplayer.

No annoying transport from the shop to the yard
No own silo necessary
10% additional costs due to LU transport charges
No fertilizer filling on sowing machines in the MP (giants)

Have fun

Modell: giants
Idee / Konzept: painwulf
Tester: painwulf

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