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Placeable Seed Fertilizer Food Stations v1.0.3.0
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Placeable Seed Fertilizer Food Stations v1.0.3.0

Mod uses the standard small farm silos.

1. Fixed pipe effects from curving back.
2. Added Hotspot (can be toggled off and on from map).
3. Added tipCol trigger
4. Added asphalt as ground texture.

Silos contain:
Pig feed.
Horse feed.
Chicken feed.
Seed silo
Lime silo

Icons for each silo
Fill effects
Levels terrain
Clears the vegetation
Does not change the soil type.
Costs 15,000
Daily maintenance 0

Model: Giants Software
Editing: McKnightG

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    my buddy wants a couple of mods he has seen on this site. i got on his pc and downloaded them. folowed the instructions to the letter. not working. these mods no matter how i instqall them or where i save them. wount show up in the game. what do we do?
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