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Placeable Seed Fertilizer Food Stations v2.0
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Placeable Seed Fertilizer Food Stations v2.0

Mod is also awaiting approval on ModHub for you console players!

Added Salt for seasons mod

Mod uses the standard small farm silos.
Silos contain:
Pig feed.
Horse feed.
Chicken feed.
Cow feed (TMR).
Seed Station
manure Station
StationSalt Station
Icons for each silo
Fill effects
Levels terrain
Clears Vegetation
Changes ground type to asphalt.
Cost 15,000
Daily upkeep 0

Change Log V2.0.0.0
1. Added Salt Station.

Change Log V1.0.7.0
1. Added TMR Station.

Model: Giants Software
Editing: McKnightG

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    The downloaded file has to be renamed to FS19_Placeable_Seed_Fertilizer_Food_Stations.zip
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