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Placeable Storage Silo v2.0.0.0
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Placeable Storage Silo v2.0.0.0

Store your seeds, fertilizer and lime here.

Silo Storage.
Price: 32.000 €.
Maintenance: 40 € / day.
Capacity: 80.000 Liters by product.

- Animation was added at the door of the product download area.
- Updated the version to 44.
- The intensity of the lights has been slightly increased.

- Corrected the description, not being entirely correct.
- Increased silo height to prevent collision with larger implements.
- Added anti-collision red night light.
- Adjusted the occlusion area.
- Added collision to the gate of the unloading area.
- The power of the silo lights has been intensified a little.


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