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Placeable Wood Sell Point v1.0
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Placeable Wood Sell Point v1.0

Placeable wood sell point
Placeables > Misc
Price: 5000

Simply walk up to the icon and hit 'R' for "Sell Wood"

I am doing requests, please email me for your suggestion.

Original Upload:

[email protected]

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  • Metaluya
    2019-01-08 19:12 Send message
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    perfect, exactly what I was looking for
  • Brandon092
    2019-01-09 01:46 Send message
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    Awesome, I am very happy you enjoy it. Thank you so much for the support :)
  • Adam1181
    2019-01-21 23:59 Send message
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    Just what i need but i wont download from sharemods (too much spam and viruses) add a modhub link please
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