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Platzierbare Ampel Beta
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Platzierbare Ampel Beta

I was bored and every time I play a map I noticed that in Ls 19 there are only signs for traffic.
Now I thought of traffic lights. Here I have my new traffic light system for you.
You don't really have to say much about the function. Please note it is a beta version
The AI traffic does not stop yet, but I am trying to find out how to get there.
I hope you enjoy testing.
Mfg Ls19 Ampelfreak

Uhrmodder der Wiegestation: GtX
Ampel Umbau: Ls19 Ampelfreak

  • Bigmax
    2020-03-26 12:38
    0 0
    Nette Idee! Wenn das mit dem KI-Verkehr klappt, wär das super. Danke erstmal
  • Cop


    2020-03-26 13:35
    1 4
    nice but the traffic cars not stopping
  • Maximus45
    2020-03-26 22:06
    1 0
    superbe bravo si des fois tu as une idee pour faire le pack de feux placable
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